Maratha Nivas

A M.T.D.C approved hotel in Tarkarli

Near the Tarkarli beach

At just a minutes walk away from the beach

A family resort in Tarkarli

A resort in Tarkarli perfect for families

Maratha Nivas

Located right next to the 'Tarkarli - M.T.D.C resort' just a minutes walk away from the Tarkarli beach, Maratha Nivas is a family resort nestled coyly within a spacious wadi alongside the main road connecting Malvan to Devbaug.

Maratha Nivas a M.T.D.C approved hotel in Tarkarli is located close to all the attractions that Tarkarli is famous for. Placed just a minutes walk away from the white sane beaches of Tarkarli, Maratha Nivas is almost equidistant from Malvan (Sindhudurg fort) and Devbaug (tsunami island) - the primary attractions of Tarkarli apart from the beautiful wite sand beaches.

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Maratha Nivas - Amenities

Set amidst a coconut grove Maratha Nivas is a homely resort in Tarkarli akin to a homestay in Tarkarli. This hotel in Tarkarli has six spacious cottage rooms each equipped with a queen sized bed adorned with high quality linen and furnishings to ensure a comfortable stay.

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Highlights of Tarkarli

  • S.C.U.B.A Diving introduced in Tarkarli around the turn of the century now is the most popular activity indulged in during a holiday in Tarkarli. S.C.U.B.A Diving was first introduced near the walls aof Sindhudurg fort and subsequently sites in open water was identified towards the end of Tarkarli beach.

    Tarkarli is now known as the best destination in Maharashtra where one can enjoy water sports. In Tarkarli you not only can enjoy popular water rides like bumper, banana rides et along with parasailing in the sea but also is a great destination to spot dolphins during a boat ride near its shores!

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